Erick B. Atilano

Erwin L. Abenoja

Business Development Manager

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Erwin is the Business Development Manager of SFI Career Center. He has worked in several industries from food, oil, franchising, and education. His vast experience in the education industry has helped SFI Career Center realize its goal of providing career development solutions to the current and future Filipino workforce.

He finished his studies at the University of the Philippines with a degree in Public Administration. Now, as a career advocate, he sees the importance and opportunity to drive people to success through different career development programs.



Luis Alberto A. Anastacio President and CEO


Gina A. Jusay
Director | Senior Career Coach


Richard P. Monteverde
Senior Program Officer | Career Coach


Jane Muriel O. Pones
Training and HR/Admin Assistant


Antonio L. Tomenio III
Management Trainee | Career Coach