Programs and Services

We can help you discover your life purpose that will lead you towards self-discovery and fulfilling your career path. Aside from that, we can assist you in creating different job search strategies that will develop you as a brand.


Professional Coaching and Counseling Services

As professional career practitioners at SFI CareerCenter, we promote psychological wellness in the aspect of an individual’s career.
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Testing & Assessment

We administer and interpret published psychological assessments for individuals and groups in order to assess needs, interests and personality which help us determine the psychological readiness of our clients.
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Responsive Programs

We continuously develop programs that promote a lasting learning experience among participants on a wide-variety of topics.
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Psychoeducation Series

Our training and workshops aim to cultivate and create impact among our clients across different fields.
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Research and Evaluation

We progressively research and evaluate the outcomes of the programs implemented.
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Customized Human Resource and Organizational Development Service.

We engage and collaborate with different clients in providing consultancy services in the field of organizational development.
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Referral & Placement

In SFI CareerCenter, we ensure professional and systematic monitoring of the participants’ progress in different services.
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Other Services

These include the services of SFICC that highlights replication of the program model and application to other settings.
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