Programs and Services

We can help you discover your life purpose that will lead you towards self-discovery and fulfilling your career path. Aside from that, we can assist you in creating different job search strategies that will develop you as a brand.

Career Coaching Services

This service intends to help students, job seekers, trainees, school leavers, employees, and business leaders to better understand themselves, their environment, and the interaction of both through a helping process.

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Competency-Based Testing and Assessment

We offer off-the-shelf competency-based assessment tools to measure training needs/learning gaps, determining career interests and personality attributes, and assess the effectiveness of learning and development interventions.

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Psychoeducational and Responsive Programs

We continuously develop programs that promote life-changing experiences among our clients through the use of structured psychosocial learning activities.

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We provide professional services in the field of organizational development. 

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Special Services

These include the services of SFICC that highlight replication of the program model and application to other settings.

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Mental Health Services

We offer mental health services to individuals, groups/organizations, and industries.

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