Partners and Testimonials

Since 2010, SFI CareerCenter has helped a wide range of organisations develop successful programs.  We work with clients – big and small – around the world to help them achieve better social, environmental and economic outcomes through consultancy services and training.

Our clients include corporations, community organisations and social enterprise. We also serve governmental, multilateral and bilateral organisations.

With them we have created and delivered programs that have impacted countless organisations and many people’s lives.

“We are really grateful to Sir Anastacio for giving us this wonderful opportunity and this chance when all else don’t; to Sir Lehi and Ma’am Abby for teaching us and equipping us with knowledge that is essential for our development and employment; to Ms. Marie and Ms. Gina for mentoring and encouraging us do our best and to never give up; and of course to Sir Richard, our mentor here at Career Center during our internship, for your patience, for being frank to us in giving your comments, and for letting us realize our own mistakes and be able to learn from them. Thank you!”

Jane Muriel Pones

“I thank all the people who have been part of this program; to Sir Luis Alberto Anastacio who planted a seed of hope in our hearts; to Ms. Gina Jusay who became our mother; to Sir Richard Monteverde who became our critic for us to boost our confidence in extent; to Miss Abigail Coladilla who had been very enthusiastic to promote an English-only policy for us to enhance our communication skills and to become confident using the language; to Sir Lehi Salonga, who became our brother, for teaching us the proper mindset for us to achieve our goals;  to Miss Marie Betero who taught us how to deal with our difficulties in our lives and to be positive; to my co-trainees, who had a big part of this training, for being such kind-hearted and wonderful friends and for inspiring me to strive hard at work; and last but not the least, to God for everything – for every blessing that He gave me. This training molded me to become a better person and a good citizen.”

Jenny Templonuevo

What I like most about the program is it gave us the courage to face the challenges in the world of work and also in our daily lives. It taught us to appreciate one another and value our differences. Our coaches molded us. I know that we are still going to learn new things and I know that there will be always fear in me. I’m still afraid to explore my potentials and commit mistakes but our coaches taught us to view them differently – to learn from our mistakes and make a solution on it.

Anthony Ravas

It is just 3 months of being together and doing everything for our goals but it is not about the time because it is about the relationships that we developed, the learnings we gained, the lessons we learned, and the memories we shared together. Even though there were struggles and difficulties like issues between co-trainees and our own insecurities, we never gave up.  We continued to strive to do our best and to  meet our superiors’ expectations because we didn’t want them to get disappointed and waste the opportunity that they gave to us.

Rosaly Lagatic