Our Advocacy


UPLIFTING EDUCATION AND WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT Like everything else, our business belongs to our Lord. For over half a century SFI, as a Christ-centric organization, has been sharing to others the blessings it continues to receive from the Almighty. This is what the SFI leadership imparts to all its employees. Moreover, the entire organization has been entrusted to God. Since the business of SFI is people, we take much pride in our initiatives on uplifting education and workforce development in the Philippines. Through these programs, we make a difference by equipping Filipinos with 21st century skills, making them employable both locally and abroad. In achieving this noble goal, we continue to attract and forge strong and lasting partnerships with government, local and international institutions and to come up with more programs for the betterment of the Filipino worker. We believe that an educated, competent and globally-competitive workforce benefits not only our company and our clients, but the entire country as well. After all, SFI is not all about the profit, but its advocacies.


Philippine TalentMap Initiative

The widest and most comprehensive profiling system of the Filipino Workforce


Learning Excellence for Advance Development (L.E.A.D.)

Equipping students and the workforce with the 21st century skills

Learning to Earning Apprenticeship Program (L.E.A.P.)

Building our workforce through relevant and practical experience