Professional Coaching and Counseling Services

Career Coaching Services

This service intends to help students, job seekers, trainees, school leavers, employees, and business leaders to better understand themselves, their environment, and the interaction of both through a helping process. The process involves strategies and techniques that would better empower individuals in their career planning and decision making – be it choosing a strand in Senior High School or course in college, landing their first job, transitioning to another field of expertise, industry, or position, and/or managing one’s worn career. Other forms of these services are:

  • Career Coaching and Career Counseling. Individuals are engaged in an ongoing professional relationship in career guidance that focuses on helping them perform better and produce exceptional results in their lives, personal career, business, or organization.
  • Resume Coaching. Individuals are guided in writing a fit resume that increases their probability of getting interviewed.
  • Test Coaching. Individuals are assisted on specific strategies and techniques in acing competency-based assessment in job hunting.
  • Interview coaching. Individuals are honed to become more impactful in presenting themselves in a job interview.

  • Executive Coaching. Individuals are refined to become strategic leaders in pursuance of carrying out exceptional organizational performance and decisions.

Career Coaching 101 for Everyone

Career Assessment is the foundation of Career Coaching.  The Profile Report helps our Coaches provide our clients with the best advice.


Career Coaching 102 for Professionals

This stage assumes that you have taken the Career Assessment & that you have your Career Profile Report already.



Career Coaching 103 for Executives
This stage assumes that you have taken the Services of a Career Coach for some time now and that you are aiming to take a more senior role  in management. cc03

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