Gina A. Jusay

Gina A. Jusay, CCC

Director | Senior Career Coach

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Gina Jusay is the Director of SFI CareerCenter, a Certified Career Coach and Certified Learning and Development Specialist (Trainer). She has been working for 29 years as an organizational development personnel focusing on customer service, training and development, administrative support, employee relations and now, she is into career coaching. She firmly believes that by creating a harmonious balance between all the different aspects of one’s life could help an individual have a clear direction leading to a purpose-driven future. As a Coach, she helps individuals realize and actualize their authentic vocation.

She is a graduate of BS in Foreign Service major in Political Science at Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila. Her experience as a consultant in developing competency-based assessments to various private companies led her in the realization existence of the current trends and issues in the workforce specifically in terms of skills gap. As a trainer, she realized the importance of professional trainings in addressing skills gap amongst thousands of graduates who could not even land a job. For that, she advocates for developing the Filipino workforce through career development and advancement programs of SFI Career Center.