Responsive Programs

We continuously develop programs that promote a lasting learning experience among participants on a wide-variety of topics. The topics empower the individuals with necessary information which they can use in their adjustment to real life (e.g., personal and professional).


  • Learning to Earning Program (LEAP) for Out-of-School Youth

  • Learning to Earning through Advanced Development (LEAD) for Technical-Vocational trainees

  • 4Ps Compact Career Guidance Program

    An evidence-based school-to-work transition strategy which employs an integrated career guidance program. It includes testing and assessment, psychoeducation, career coaching and counseling, foundational and technical skills training, certified technical-vocational training, internship, and job placement assistance.

  • Back-on-Track

    Aims to empower the returning long-term unemployed individuals with effective career pathways through assessment, planning, coaching, training, placement and support.

  • Retirement Program

    A program that focuses on providing assistance to individuals nearing retirement in order for them to prepare and develop practical and sufficient plans in life after work.

  • Outplacement Program

    A program that focuses on helping the organization in the process of downsizing its manpower, and at the same time provide transition assistance to those individuals that is being dismissed.

  • Career Readiness Training Program
  • Customized Programs

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