Testing & Assessment

We administer and interpret published psychological assessments for individuals and groups in order to assess needs, interests and personality which help us determine the psychological readiness of our clients. Our assessments are also widely-used to identify whether our student or employee clients are career ready and well- fitted in their organizational structure.


  • Philippine Talent Map Initiative (PTMI). Is an assessment tool used to measure the 21st century competency skills of Filipinos in identifying current issues and trends affecting the workforce as well as bridging the gap between institutional and industrial sectors in skills acquisition and development.
  • WorkKeys Assessment. Is a job skills assessment system that measures foundational and soft skills and offers specialized assessments to target institutional needs.

  • International Career Readiness Certification (ICRC). Is a certification program based on the WorkKeys Assessment evaluating foundational and soft skills.

Career Development Framework


From pre-kindergarten to post secondary or tertiary education, from entering the workforce to mid-career transitions, the Kuder Career Planning System® (KCPS) is here to help you discover new directions and create rewarding plans. Our experts have harnessed eight decades of proprietary research and development to create the KCPS, helping millions of people around the world.

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