Testing & Assessment

Competency-Based Testing and Assessment

We offer off-the-shelf competency-based assessment tools to measure training needs/learning gaps, determining career interests and personality attributes, and assess the effectiveness of learning and development interventions. We also provide test development services for organizations. Our assessment tools are also used to ascertain career and work readiness. Here are some of the test instruments that we currently have in our service line.

  • TalentMap (Philippine Talent Map Initiative) Assessment Tool. This is an assessment tool that measures the 21st-century skills of an individual. The competencies being measured by the tool are (1) Creative Problem Solving, (2) Critical Thinking, (3) Decision Making, (4) English Comprehension, And (5) Functional Skills, (6) Innovation, (7) Math Functional Skill, (8) Multi-Tasking, (9) Planning & Organizing, (10) Problem Sensitivity, (11) Self-Motivation, (13) Stress Tolerance, (14) Social Perceptiveness, and (15) Teamwork, And (16) Work Standards. Through this tool, the sought-after cognitive, socio-emotional, and behavioral competencies by both the academe and the industry can be assessed, and possibly educational, psychosocial, and/or career interventions may be done.
  • Customized Competency-Based Assessment. We provide consultancy services to organizations in developing their competency-based assessment tools and competency framework. For more information, please contact us.


SkillUpz is a digital training program and learning management system that helps schools facilitate learning online. The learning happens by improving on these weaknesses and upskilling their competencies to prepare and make them more ready for the challenges of the 21st century. It uses curated videos for training and assessments to measure the progress of the learners. Online classes may also be held through the SkillUpz platform. This platform is a customizable based on the needs of the teachers/trainers- creating content and assessments.

Career Development Framework

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