Research and Evaluation

We progressively research and evaluate the outcomes of the programs implemented. It helps us inform our stakeholders whether certain programs are effective and suitable to our target participants. Most importantly, our research includes nation-wide information that private and public institutions may find helpful in the deliberation of their programs and initiatives. This gives us, our stakeholders and clients powerful information for future directions.

  • Program Evaluation. Applying systematic way of acquiring, analyzing and evaluating program effectiveness in prospect to establish action-oriented solution beneficial to the observed needs of the organization.
  • Labor Market Information
  • Pilot Program. SFI CareerCenter spearheads initiatives and programs of 3rd party organizations/ government departments on its initial phases in order to substantiate the suitability of these programs to targeted participants. Two of SFICC’s successful pilot program includes the Bataan Initiative on ACT KeyTrain Certification and JobStart program proposed by DOLE.
  • Test Development. Is part of the research and evaluation program that aims to develop and validate test instruments needed for programs and research.
  • Talent and Supply Demand
  • Articles on Personal and Professional Development

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