What is new for SFI CC in January 2012?

1. Official Assessment Partner of POEC for International Internship Application 

Pearl of the Orient Educational Consultancy (POEC) is a premier company who connects students and professionals to different international internship programs. Their 10 years of internship placement experience and wide network of organizations has allowed them to give Filipinos the opportunity and advantage to not just only learn but also earn overseas.

Just recently, POEC and SFI CareerCenter has formed a partnership to strengthen their international internship program with our employability programs. We are its official assessment partner where in we ensure that students and professionals get to know the qualifications and competencies they need in order to be successful in their internship. Employment Transition Programs were also created so as to provide support after they’ve come back from their fruitful internship experience.

2. Job Coaching Fair with Recruitment Partners SFI Group of Companies 

Rolling out different activities for the New Year, SFI CareerCenter is dedicated in providing JobHunters the unique opportunity to seek the job they want through its Job Coaching Fair. Through our recruitment partners, Servicio Filipino and Business Trends, we would like to provide job hunters a 360 degree feedback of their job hunting strategies and offer them a unique advantage from the rest: career coaching.

Aside from that, we also offer FREE public seminars about making your FIT resume and how to prepare for interviews. So come and visit our center every Wednesday this month and we’ll help you map out your career plan!

3. Assess yourself: prove you are the best in your field 

Ever wonder how to prove to people you are the best of the best? Sometimes, it is not enough that you studied in a famous school or has earned a distinction during graduation. It really is a matter of showing that you have what it takes to do the job. SFI CareerCenter’s Employability Assessment Validation does that for you. You get to take an exam that tells you if you have the skills for the job you are applying for. Not only that, you can be registered in our growing international database where employers can see the bankable skills you have. Moreover, if you feel that you want more skills, we have the tools to help you build yourself up to look good, feel good and perform better in your career. Sign up for your Assessment Now and see the difference!

4. Upcoming Employability Seminars! 

SFI CareerCenter sees itself as a total solutions provider for individuals seeking career advancement and development, so in light of this, we are proud to offer Employability Workshops to help the Filipino people get the skills they need to not only be employable but also the empowerment to live up to their life purpose.