Mary Louise D.V Miranda, MA, RPm

Program Specialist


Louise is a registered psychometrician and a mental health associate to which she primarily applies her expertise as an instructor teaching various psychology subjects such as experimental psychology, theories of personality, introduction to psychology, personal development, and understanding the self. She obtained her master’s degree at the University of Sto Tomas in 2021, specializing in Clinical Psychology. She got her bachelor’s degree in psychology from San Sebastian College – Recoletos in 2015 and obtained her license as a psychometrician in the same year.

 As a mental health practitioner, she has a particular interest in the field of biopsychology. In her first year as a psychology practitioner, she served as a guidance counselor providing guidance services from kindergarten to grade 10. In 2016,  she shifted from being a guidance counselor to teaching senior high school and college students and has been teaching since. At present, apart from teaching, she serves as one of the program specialists in SFI career center in providing services empowering human resources, psychological testing and assessment, and improving organizational management.